In order to purchase a package, contact us with which packages you would like and we will send you a customized quote as soon as we can. Make sure to read the fine print at the bottom of this page for more information.

Resume/CV Review

Have you sent out hundreds of resumes without getting a single interview? Do you have a low call back ratio and you don’t know why? Let us tell you why, email us for a complimentary resume review. We will provide suggestions, advice, and warnings for your current resume. Be careful, we will be blunt so be prepared for some heavy handed criticism.

Resume Optimization: Rewording and Design $175+

Stand out from the crowd. By the time we’re through with you, you won’t even recognize yourself … in a good way! You’re awesome and it’s time your resume showed it. We’ll fix up and fancify your resume to make it irresistible to HR and Recruiters. You’ll receive a complete resume ready for instantly applying to your dream company with optimal wording and impeccable design.

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Write a New Resume From Scratch $275+

You don’t have the time to write a whole new resume from scratch, luckily we do. It’s a match made in heaven. Receive a beautiful and highly effective resume ready to apply with.

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Add Ons

While not always required, these add-ons can put you just a tiny bit ahead of your competitors and sometimes that’s just the little bit that will put you on top.

Custom Cover Letter $50+

Hate having to write things? How about getting a full length custom cover letter just like that? Easy peezy. Provides a full length custom cover letter showcasing your best achievements. Put your best foot forward and stand out from the rest.

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LinkedIn Optimization $100

A well crafted LinkedIn can get up to 27x more recruiters to see your profile in their search results. You’re a hot commodity! Let’s create a direct runway to your profile. This service provides a fully optimized LinkedIn profile complete with SEO.

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Get It Asap +50%

In a hurry? Get your final product within 72 hours, we’ll spend day and night on it so that you can sleep in peace. This isn’t an easy feat though so we’ll have to charge you an additional 50% on your order.

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Save with a Bundle (Best Value)

Get a specialized package to ensure your best chances for success, it’ll be the best investment you’ve ever made.

All In One Bundle $275+ (Most popular: Save $50)

Our most popular bundle with the best value. This package includes a resume edit and redesign, a general cover letter, and LinkedIn Optimization worth $325+ if purchased separately, save your hard earned cash with this bundle and get set up for success!

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Fine Print

* All prices subject to change.

* Every 5 years of work experience will be an additional $75 charge. Only services marked with a ‘+’ after the quoted price will be affected by this. 

* You will have 30 days from the day that you receive your final product to request any number of free revisions until you are 100% satisfied with the product.